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Online and On-Demand

The 2020 TCEA System Administration and Technical Support Conference will be held online.

System adminstrators and school tech professionals across the country are experiencing the pressure of network reliability and district-wide support during a pivotal moment in education. We understand the need to remain in your local area or on-campus is greater than ever before, and we want to provide the latest information in your field to your door step. Join vendors, system administrators, and experts in the field from a virtual platform that allows you to explore the changes taking place in education, and how you can put your school or district on the cutting edge.

Our powerful online platform allows you to:

  • Connect synchronously or asynchronously with fellow ed tech professionals.
  • Get to know industry leaders sharing the latest tech.
  • Engage in live sessions with chat, discussion boards, downloadable resources, and more.
  • Spend time with your peers in virtual coffee breaks, social events, and competitive virtual games.

Discover new ideas, trends, and solutions to the latest troubleshooting you’re tackling. Register and participate live, October 20-21, then experience all the education-binging, connection-building, and troubleshooting on-demand for 30 days.

More details about the online platform will be available soon!

Thank you to our sponsors.